The new BlackBerry 7100t finally surfaces


Those lucky enough to have caught our short-lived RIM BlackBerry “Charm” story a few weeks back (for which we got a sound ticking off) will already have an idea of what to expect. For anyone else, the latest BlackBerry is likely to come as something of a surprise.

The 7100t is a bit of a departure for the previously chubby-loving designers over at RIM. The handset is far thinner than its predecessors having ditched the QWERTY keypad in favour of one that has two letters per key. A new predictive text app should speed things up a bit.

The phone is quad-band GSM/GPRS, with Bluetooth, PIM applications, web browsing and, of course, BlackBerry’s push email service. The handset is available in the USA with T-Mobile. There’s no news yet of a UK launch.


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