Students get discount on broadband


The first thing that happens to those that graduate from university is that they join the rest of the population in hating Bloody Students. And now here’s another reason to mutter about them. Telewest Broadband is saving students the trouble of ever having to get off their behinds to go to campus by providing a very reasonable deal on a broadband package.

Designed especially for students, the blueyonder broadband internet connection and phone service is available on a nine-month minimum contract to last the scholastic year rather than the working one. There’s the choice between Talk Evenings and Weekends – unlimited UK calls in the evenings and weekends – for £16.50, or the Talk Unlimited service for £25.50 a month. Broadband will cost another £25 on top of that.

The press release is keen to point out that four people sharing a Talk Evenings and Weekends and 750k broadband service would have to pay just £10.50 a month each. It somewhat hysterically notes that this is “the equivalent of just five pints of beer!” which suggests its author has been living in London for too long: everyone knows that beer in a non-London student union costs about £1 a pint (further reason to despise students.)


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