Sony Pocket (another "iPod Killer") on its way

MP3 players

Sony’s VAIO Pocket will be launching over here fairly shortly. The VGF-AP1 media player will be available to buy in October, although price details still haven’t been released (we’re guessing it’ll be around £400 for the 20 gig though). The VAIO Pocket has a picture viewer along with the music player and comes in 20GB and 40GB versions. The player is larger and heavier than its Apple rival, but the 2.2-inch screen gives it a reasonable excuse. The battery life is also supposed to be better than the iPod, quoted at 20 hours compared to iPod’s eight.

Unlike the NW-HD1, the Pocket has the distinct advantage of being able to play MP3 files. (The NW-HD1 converts them to Atrac.) It’s also compatible with WMA files.


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