Nokia ships one million N-Gage handsets

Gaming, Mobile phones

Contrary to what you might think, the Nokia N-Gage is apparently in quite high demand. The company has just announced that it has shipped its one millionth game deck globally. This includes both the N-Gage and the newer N-Gage QD handset, starting from when the platform was first released 11 months ago.

While we’re tempted to suggest that Nokia may have shipped that many, but the consoles are now languishing in boxes in a warehouse in Slough, the company is claiming it’s actually sold a million of them.

Nokia has also signed up over 100,000 N-Gage Arena members, a service that allows gamers the chance to play against opponents from around the world. Obviously, this is only 10 percent of the N-Gage owners out there, but Nokia seems to be fairly pleased with this figure, so we won’t rain on its parade.

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