MSN Music: microsoft's out to get iTunes

MP3 players

microsoft has launched its own music downloads service over in the US as a rival to Apple’s iTunes. MSN Music allows users to download music for 99 cents (that’s 55p to you and me) a track. A whole album will cost $9.99, with around 500,000 tunes available in the initial stages.

The company has ben offering music downloads in the UK for some time now via the OD2 service, but the US launch will take its battle with Apple and Naspter to another level.

According to the head honchos over at MS, the encoding software they use means that tracks will have better sound quality to those on offer over at iTunes. The WMA tracks will also be compatible with a vairty of devcies including the just launched personal media centers. We’ll be watching this little spat with interest.


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