Drop in Guinness sales all iPod's fault

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The Inquirer has a great story about how the decreasing volume of Guinness being imbibed over in Ireland is attributable to the emergence of the iPod. How you may ask? Well, according to the experts, young Irishmen are shunning the famous stout and saving their pennies (or, more correctly, their cents) in order to buy electronic equipment. The prime culprit is of course the iPod, which will no doubt soon be blamed for a rise in street crime and a drop in education standards.

The Inquirer poo poos the iPod theory, and instead blames the 6 percent drop in sales on the new anti-smoking laws in bars and pubs. We’d be inclined to suggest that young men are just more eager to keep their waistlines svelte in order to ensure a place in one of Ireland’s many upcoming boybands. We would, that is, if Irish boyband members weren’t so universally podgy.


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