Denon adds HDMI to DVD

Home cinema

With DVD players selling for £50 in Tesco, manufacturers have got to come up with some pretty compelling reasons to get you to fork out a lot of money for one. Superb AV perfomance, a wealth of features and compatibility with just about every disc available are the three biggies in our book and it appears Denon’s latest DVD player, the DVD-2910 has three. It is actually one of the company’s mid-priced players (replacing the DVD-2200 from last year), retailing for £599.99, but yet is stacked with high-end components, such as PAL Progressive Scan, and it will play pretty much any type of disc, including high end audio formats such as DVD-Audio and SACD. It also supports WMA, MP3 and JPEG file formats.

However, its most appealing feature is that it is one of only a few DVD players to offer an HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) socket, (often called digital SCART) which provides digital to digital video connection.


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