3G video voicemail and video portal from Openwave

Mobile phones

Openwave’s latest piece of software will enable 3G customers to record their own video greetings on their mobile phone for specific people in their address book. Examples the company give include recording a special greeting for your child or partner who’s going away for the night. There’s also the option of using cartoon characters, such as a player in Doom, to create an animated message with your voice lip-synched onto the animation. Alternatively, you can choose a celebrity greeting option, such as Clint Eastwood doing the “Do I feel lucky” speech in Dirty Harry.

If you don’t pick up when they ring they’ll get the personal message like a voicemail message. This is actually a really nice idea that will come in very handy for letting friends know which pub you’re in and leaving work misleading voicemail messages about where you’ll be at any given time. It doesn’t say how many you can create, so we’re assuming your only limited by your phone’s memory capacity.


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