Vieta adds DivX to its in-car DVD

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In car DVD players are the perfect way to avoid ever having to communicate with members of your family. Stick on a DVD and everyone can stare slack-jawed at the TV for the entirety of the journey. What could be better?

Vieta’s CDV-50D adds an extra twist to the in-dash DVD player. The box includes DivX compression, which means you’ll be able to squeeze a whole load more films onto one disc or burn films to CD-R. The player, which should cost around £150, also supports MP3, WMA, VCD, SVCD and MPEG-4 file formats.

There’s three outputs, so you can have up to three LCD screens set up in the car. Inputs for games consoles and rear-view cameras, along with both optical digital audio output and analogue stereo audio output are all on board.


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