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Toshiba’s Picture Frame 3 TV is, unsurprisingly, the successor to the Picture Frame 2 TV. This latest incarnation is newly silver and includes an additional glass shelf on the stand to provide room for a few more of those silver/grey boxes that seem to be spreading across our living rooms like some sort of technological fungus. Apart from the that, the design is much the same, with a slimline look and large screen size (32-inch or 36-inch).

The two new models are called the 36ZP48 (36-inch) and 32ZP48 (32-inch), and should sell for around £1,999 and £1,599 respectively.

The company’s Active Vision technology, providing a choice of four picture scanning modes: 100Hz Active Mode; 100Hz Natural Mode; 100Hz; and Progressive Scan. Active Mode is the best option for sport or action movies, using 100Hz dynamic frame scanning system with a processor that uses an internal memory of 32MB to estimate motion in 360 degrees.

More details from the press release follow:

“Progressive Scan enables natural playback of NTSC and PAL discs, with no digital processing artefacts. Progressive Scan scans individual picture lines in sequence rather than alternately, maximising the clarity of digital images from DVD and enhancing NTSC software playback. Connecting a Progressive Scan DVD player such as Toshiba’s new SD-340E will make Picture Frame 3 automatically change to Progressive Scan mode and further enhance DVD playback.

A built-in Dolby Digital 5.1 decoder with built-in subwoofer assures rich and crystal-clear sound while sleek front and rear speakers provide an all-in-one surround sound solution and complement the styling of the set.

Toshiba continues to be one of the few manufacturers to include Component Video Output on its TVs and DVD players, as well as carrying 3 SCART sockets (2 of which are RGB inputs), AV input, Audio input, and S-video input.”

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