Play Tag


While we’re not fully comfortable with the idea of tagging your child (it will probably spend enough time wearing a prison tag as an adult after the emotional scarring) the £99 Boardbug Baby and Child Monitor does seem to offer parents a bit of peace of mind.

Two watch-like devices – one for baby and one for parent – enables parents to keep tabs on their child at all times. The adult unit also doubles up as a normal digital watch and displays messages like “Toddler OK.”

Two modes are available – Baby and Toddler – with the Baby mode allowing parents to monitor things like sound and temperature levels and set alarms to ensure regular feeding. Toddler mode allows you to curb the child’s toddling tendencies by setting up a safety range. If the child’s natural curiosity sends it wandering out of the pre-set range, an alarm will sound on the parent unit.

We’re still not comfortable with this whole idea – doesn’t it just mean parents can pay less attention to what their children are doing, and get back to playing computer games. Come to think of it, that’s actually a pretty compelling reason to buy one. Now they just need to come up with Teenager setting (monitoring hormone and booze levels, setting alarms when members of the opposite sex come within a 5-mile radius, sending out small electric shocks every time the teen thinks about sex. Things like that.


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