Philips and Nike become jogging buddies

MP3 players

Philips has teamed up with Nike to offer a swish Swooshed personal sport audio range. The small, black MP3 players have been developed especially for exercise, which presumably means that they go nice and loud so we’ll be able to hear the music over our desperate gasps for air.

The two MP3 players available (PSA220 and PSA250) have 256MB and 512MB of memory capacity respectively, which is more than enough to see us through 5 minutes of jogging down the road before we collapse and die from exhaustion. Both music players come with an FM radio and a stopwatch. A five-key remote control belt keeps the player in place, while a safety strobe light will make night joggers visible in the dark (and will also help to deter epileptic muggers, presumably). The 220 costs £150, while the 250 will set you back £200.

The £130 MP3CD player (PSA410) provides 30 minutes of buffer shock protection and will play MP3 or WMA CDs as well as the normal ones. There’s also an FM radio on board.

Finally, the £40 FMRADIO (PSA110) is, you guessed it, an FM radio with 10 digital tuning presets.

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