Personal video player with TV tuner

Personal video players

Must admit to getting really excited when we heard that UK accessory specialist Peripheral Corner was to start selling a personal video player with an integrated TV tuner.

It isn’t however quite as thrilling as it sounds, as the tuner is in fact integrated into the NHJ-MPM 202’s docking cradle. This means that if you connect the cradle to an aerial you can view programmes on the device’s 3.5inch screen or record them on to the hard disk. You can’t however tune into Wife Swap on the train.

Still the unit, which is available with either a 60 (£372.48) or 30 Gigabyte (£317.35) hard disk, is definitely one of the best PVPs we’ve seen so far.

The device can also archive DVDs and VHS videotapes converting the footage into to MPEG4. Other facilities include compatibility with MP3s and JPEGs and a Secure Digital/Compact Flash card slot.

More details here.

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