Oregon's new range of music players

MP3 players

We’ve already told you about the waterproof MP120 MP3 player that Oregon Scientific has just launched, but the company also has a number of other new products in its music player range. We popped over to the launch last night to see what was on offer.

Probably the most eye-catching player on display was the MP100 (pictured), which, at only 28g and measuring just 40 x 28 x 18mm, is a serious contender for the much-coveted title of “World’s Smallest MP3 Player”. Whatever, it’s certainly a very tiny device indeed. The blue backlit LCD display provides basic track info, while the 128MB player has room for around 2 hours of MP3s or 4 hours of WMA files. The MP100 costs £80 and is available in four colours: orange, blue, black and titanium.

Oregon has experimented with the earphones, designing them to double up as a neck cord. There’s also a magnet near the base of the cord which is supposed to keep the headphones out of the way when you’re not using them. We’re not entirely convinced of the merits of this design, but it does at least mean you won’t lose the teeny player.

The MP130 comes with a number of additional features. The £90 player includes an FM radio and voice recorder, as well as an SD/MMC expansion slot for boosting the 128MB of internal memory. Again, this MP3/WMA player comes in a choice of four colours (as above) and includes the neck cord-headphones combo.

Finally, the MP140, which is not due out for a few months yet, is just 6.6mm thick and comes with a transparent display and an FM radio. It will cost around £100.


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