Onkyo's top spec DVD player

Home cinema

If you thought DVD players had reached their pinnacle and had no more developing left to do, now’s probably a good time to think again. Onkyo has just announced the DV-SP1000E universal player that boasts an embarrassment of features.

For £2800 you get a multi-channel iLink (IEEE 1394 FireWire) audio output, which means high quality DVD-Audio. HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) connection delivers digital video signals to digital displays without any degradation of quality. (For the uninitiated, this means that all the connections are digital so there’s no switching back and forth between analogue and digital connections.)

Other products from Onkyo include the £800 C-1VL DVD player that has been designed to “sonically and visually match the Onkyo A-1VL digital stereo amplifier”, which means it should be good enough to act as a CD player as well as a DVD player.

The DV-SP402E is the company’s budget DVD player, available for now for £200. The £1100 A-1VL is a 2x 100w digital amplifier that apparently provides a “genuinely hi-fi quality” stereo sound. Another budget offering from the company is the TX-SR502E, a 6.1 channel home cinema receiver that costs £300.


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