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MSI isn’t the best-known company in the world, but the Taiwanese manufacturer has been steadily releasing products onto the UK market to compete with other budget manufacturers.

It’s latest offering is this 512MB Flash music player, which is priced at £130. Rather than the keyring look that’s currently popular in the flash market, the Mega Player 516 BT follows more of an iPod-esque hard disk drive look. Measuring 54 x 86 x 11.5mm and weighing 55g, it’s obviously far more portable than a hard drive. It also comes with a number of interesting features.

The main one is the Bluetooth functionality, although it’s not entirely clear whether that means you can just pair it with your mobile, or if you can also transfer tracks from your computer wirelessly.

As well as having a maximum capacity of 512MB (with support for MP3, WAV and WMA audio files), the Mega Player has an SD/MMC slot for memory expansion. An on-board FM radio allows you to record tracks directly onto the player, voice and line-in recording also feature.

For some reason, it supports the older USB 1.1 connection, which means slower transfer speeds.

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