Motorola E398 on sale now

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Motorola’s E398 music phone is available now for £199.99 on T-Mobile pay as you go. The mobile’s major selling point is its built-in MP3 and MPEG4 player and the stereo speakers that’s supposed to endow the handset with superior music playback.

The E398 has become one of the key handsets in T-Mobile’s music download service (more about that here) which allows users to download a few tracks to their mobile handset. The E398 also includes a stereo headset so you don’t have to advertise your Britney obsession to the world.

The E398 has 5MB of internal memory and uses the new smaller-than-SD TransFlash removable storage card, available in up 128MB capacity. This will store around 34 MP3 tracks. It’s also got Bluetooth and a camera with flash.

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