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This is really just an excuse to get a nice picture of some red speakers on the site, but KEF has dropped the prices of its speaker ranges. This is apparently due to “a much increased manufacturing capability” which means that the company has been able to knock a fair whack off all its speakers.

The XQ five in the picture has been reduced from £1999.99 to £1499.99. It’s a four-way floor standing speaker, with two 165MM bass drivers and a 165mm midrange/HF Uni-Q and a titanium dome Hypertweeter.

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Details from the press release follow:

XQ one – £749.99 (was £999.99)

A compact three-way stand mount speaker – packed with Reference Series technology. With a performance envelope extending way beyond what is audible, XQ one has a 19mm (3/4″) titanium Hypertweeter, with its output perfectly aligned with the 165mm (6.5″) Uni-Q array.

XQ two C – £499.99 (was £799.99)

The four-way centre speaker that completes the XQ range. Like the flagship floorstander, it packs two independently loaded 165mm (6.5″) ultra-low distortion bass drivers, flanking the 165mm (6.5″) Uni-Q midrange array and titanium dome Hypertweeter. It is equally sophisticated inside – the separate bass crossover, the same high quality capacitors and inductors and meticulously engineered enclosures.

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