Keep you girlfriend in your pocket

Mobile phones

Ok, we know that gadget lovers have a reputation for being bereft of any social skills, but surely it hasn’t come to this? Hong Kong company, Artificial Life, has developed a 3G “game” for the lonely 3G phone-owner: Virtual Girlfriend.

Based on Simms-like 3-D animated characters, the virtual girls can be contacted or spied on using a 3G phone whenever the mood takes you. The characters in the virtual world get up to all sorts while you’re off in the real world: shopping, going to work, visiting friends, or just chilling out in their virtual homes. A daily and weekly schedule guides the lives of the characters and this changes over time to keep you interested.

So you don’t feel like a complete sad loser, watching a couple of cartoon characters on your phone all day, you can “interact” with your virtual lady friends by sending them texts and picture messages. A J2ME client will allow you to chat to the girls in real time and you can send your girlfriend/s virtual gifts to stop her from virtually cheating on you.

A Virtual Boyfriend version is being launched at the start of next year, while the Virtual Girlfriend will be available in December of this year. No doubt Virtual Husband/Wife, Virtual Children, Virtual Affair and Virtual Divorce will follow shortly. It’s like some creepy update of Pygmalian.


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