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Philips’ Connected Planet range, originally shown back in January at CES, will be arriving in the UK next month. The products form a home entertainment system that can communicate wirelessly with your PC, allowing you to send content over from your computer – either via the Internet, or direct from your computer’s memory.

The first four products in the range to be confirmed are the MX6000i (£550)- a DVD home entertainment system; the MCW770 (£300) mîcro hi-fi system that enables wireless music streaming; and the SL400i (£250) and SL300i (£250) wireless multimedia links. Philips hopes to expand the range with more products in the near future.

The MX600i comes with six-channel surround sound playback on the five supplied speakers and integrated subwoofers. Full audio and video streaming capabilities can be initiated simply by pressing a button on the remote control. The system connects to the TV via a SCART cable, allowing you to play movies or music from your computer’s library, or via living streaming over the Internet. It also comes with a five-disc DVD tray and a FM/AM radio tuner.

For those who already have a home cinema set up already, the SL400i or SL300i allow you to add wireless streaming capabilities to your TV or stereo. The MCW770 mîcro hi-fi system will stream all your MP3s straight from your PC.

The MX6000i, SL300i and SL400i will be available from September, with the MCW770 following in October.

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