Budget phone company from easyGroup

Mobile phones

Master of no-frills (or should that be thrills?) airline easyJet, Stelios Haji-Ioannou, has confirmed that he is launching a budget mobile phone company to compete with the likes of Virgin and T-Mobile.

The company, which is almost certainly to be called easyMobile, is being launched in partnershop with Danish telecom, TDC, owners of a successful budget mobile company called Telmore.

If Telmore’s business strategy is anything to go by, easyMobile will make its money selling just SIM cards without handsets, with customers paying bills and buying extra minutes online. All purchases will be made online as well, removing the expense of running high street stores. This technique certainly worked for Telmore, which can now claim 11 percent of the Danish market share.

The company could be in operation as early as December and, if successful, will be launched across other parts of Europe. Orange already is already girding its loins for a court battle over the use of orange in the easyMobile logo. All of easyGroup’s subsidiaries use the colour, but Orange has stated that it will do whatever is necessary to protect customers, who will inevitably become confused if easyMobile use the colour (because we’re all a bunch of morons, right?)

Anyway, this seems like the perfect phone company for the thieving chavs who whip mobiles from unsuspecting tourists outside the London tube stations.


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