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The upcoming Apple Expo in Paris will no doubt have some big announcement of Apple’s next big idea. But we’ve all been working ourselves up into mild hysteria with the countless rumours and endless speculation on what Apple is going to come up with next. If anyone in the Apple head office so much as breaks wind, you can bet your bottom iDollar that someone will do a piece about Apple’s new iGas air clarifier.

Here’s just some of our favourite rumours we’ve heard:

Apple’s new Tablet computer/PDA
We reported yesterday on the new designs that have been filed for a Handheld Computer. Looks like a Tablet PC-alike though.

Limited Edition Coloured iPods.
Rumours have abounded about the possibility of new iPod and iPod Mini colours, including Purple, Yellow, Orange and even Black. None have so far surfaced. They should do a purple one just for Samuel L Jackson though.

Mobile phone
While bemoaning Apple’s reluctance to release a PDA or tablet computer, Gizmodo speculates dreamily on the chances of an iPhone.

Professional iPod for DJs
Gizmodo was already at it back in 2003, spreading rumours that Apple might be launching a professional iPod for DJs.

Personal Video Player
Despite repeated denials from the Apple camp, there’s obviously the feeling that it we all write about it enough, Apple will have no choice but to create a video-playing iPod.

Apple products we’d like to see:

iSnap – Manufacturers have been ripping off Apple’s design for their digital cameras for so long anyway, it’s about time Apple showed them how it’s done. (We’ll pretend the QuickTake never happened.)

iFlash – Apple may not be big on flash devices, but a tiny 1GB flash music player to match to match the Minis would be the perfect thing for us to not go jogging with.

iTalk – A smartphone with iPod capabilities would surely stand astride the mobile phone and music player markets like the Colossus of Rhodes (note topical Greek myths reference).

iPod Maxi – Forget tiny and portable, we want a big white jukebox for our living room.

iVacuum – Ok, we’re running out of ideas now, but an Apple designed robot hoover would be on the wish list of every Hoxton-finned media wannabe in London.

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