T-Mobile launches newspaper

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So is it time to ditch your newspaper and catch up with the latest news and goss on your Mobi? T-Mobile thinks so. It has just launched what it is billing as the first newspaper for phone users.

Slated to cost £6 per month, although it is free until October, the News Express service features news, sports and entertainment gossip along with regional weather maps of the UK.

The news is actually pushed to your phone (there are two editions one in the morning and one in the evening) and stored on it. So unlike Wap pages you don’t have to go on line to access it, which makes it great for place with no mobile coverage like the tube.

The company hopes to extend the service so it offers editions of proper newspapers online. Maybe soon you’ll be able to customise the paper too taking Guardian news coverage, Mirror Sport and, ahem Tech Digest technology reports.

So far the service is only compatible with Symbian phones like the Nokia 7610 and 6600 and Sony Ericsson P900 although it will be available on microsoft and Java-based phones next year.

We think the service works pretty well, and we like the way the paper (it is the first UK use of Macromedia Flash on a phone) is put together. Subsidising the paper through advertising and bringing the price down would help make it a very worthwhile feature.

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