Siemens gets on its bike

Mobile phones

Funny, as the UK government has outlawed talking on a mobile phone while driving a car, we’d kind of thought the same rules would apply to other modes of road transport.

Apparently not. In fact Siemens is positively encouraging cyclists to make and receive calls while on their bikes by offering a super-tough mobile handset the M65, which comes with an optional Bike-O-Meter.

The phone itself is finished in metal and rubber and is designed to withstand a knock or two as well as coping with splashes of water and puffs of dust. It also sports a toughened, hard to scratch screen.

Features include a VGA camera with a 5x zoom and an attachable flash, triple band facilities, a 65k colour screen and a range of pre-installed games.

The bit cyclists will be most interested in is that it can be bought with a £39.99 Bike-O-Meter that includes a mobile holder that functions as cyclometer displaying information such as distance travelled and speed. All this info can apparently be downloaded to a PC.

Sadly the phone doesn’t include a speaker or come with a hands-free kit, so let’s hope that, just like the rest of us, cyclists pull over when their ringtone goes.

The phone and Bike-O-Meter are on sale now via O2.

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