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It is not often we get all excited about speakers but we’ll make an exception for the glass speakers from barking mad French manufacturer Waterfall Audio.

The company recently updated its range to include a pair of new floorstanders in the Victoria TWN and the Iguascu TWN and the Hurricane (pictured above) satellite speakers which are aimed at home cinema enthusiasts.

There’s also a center speaker called Angel. A subwoofer to accompany the range and complete what surely must be one of the most striking home cinema speaker systems, is also available. Sadly it isn’t made out of glass.

Basic home cinema systems start at around £2000.

The release follows

Waterfall launches full home cinema speaker system to accompany its glass models
French company Waterfall has finally unleashed a full home cinema system based around its astounding glass speaker range. As well as looking completely unique, Waterfall claims that its glass speakers are tip-top performers since glass, with its high density, helps eliminate unwanted vibrations from the structure of the loudspeaker. Anyway, here are details on all the speakers now in the range…
There are two floorstanders in the Krysta-Line range, the Victoria TWN (which uses two x 150mm mid-bass drivers) and the Iguascu TWN (1 x 150mm mid-bass driver). The speakers, like all Waterfall glass models, are constructed from 6 mm thick glass with a metallic colour coating.
The treble frequencies in both speakers are reproduced by a new generation of ‘Atohm’ neodymium magnet tweeters (the TWN 20 ND W). Designed specifically for Waterfall, this uses a titanium vacuum-coated dome, the rear of which has been damped for a better, more linear response.
On top of this, these speakers use drivers based on the famed Triangle T13 together with Waterfall’s patented ADT (Acoustic Damping Tube) system, which allows proper functioning of a loudspeaker in a non-damped structure, apparently helping create a quick, sharp bass and a mid-range reproduction without any coloration.
The crossovers, too, are all new, enhanced by new ‘Acculinear’ technology, designed to control the tuning of the driver units with excellent linearity at high frequencies.
For smaller environments Waterfall also offer the Athabasca (1 x 150mm co-axial driver) loudspeaker, a compact 455mm high design.
If it’s small satellite speakers that are required Waterfall’s solution is the Hurricane satellite. Reckoned to be ideal for both music and home cinema applications, these 280mm high glass speakers (available with white or grey grilles) feature integral wall brackets, or can be mounted on custom stands.
Waterfall claims that the Hurricanes boast a number of technological innovations, including:
* Heatstream: helps to eliminate excess heat from drivers
* Low Diffraction Surrounding (LDS): creates a smoother sound
* Smarthorn: uses the grill of the satellite speaker as a short wave guide, providing a higher efficiency and better controlled directivity.
This is the center speaker in Waterfall’s range, and is therefore voiced to match the rest of the Waterfall series (with a frequency range that extends down to 45Hz) even though it’s not a glass model.
This delivers bass down to 35Hz, thanks to a powerful 125W amplifier (previously 80w) plus an 8.5in low bass driver. It’s now available in black or white.
All the speakers can be combined as required, but Waterfall particularly recommends packages comprising:-
1) 3 or 5 Hurricane satellites + subwoofer (3.1 or 5.1 pack)
2) A pair of Victoria TWN or Iguascu TWN floorstanders plus a Hurricane 3.1 pack
VICTORIA TWN: £1999.99
IGUASCU TWN: £1499.99
ATHABASCA: £999.99
ANGEL center: £499.99
HUR-PACK-5.1: £1999.99 (5 x HUR-SAT & 1 x HUR-SUB)
HUR-PACK-3.1: £1499.99 (3 x HUR-SAT & 1 x HUR-SUB)
HUR-VICT-3.1: £3499.99 (Victoria TWN [pair] + Hurricane 3.1 pack)
HUR-IGU-3.1: £2999.99 (Iguasçu TWN [pair] + Hurricane 3.1 pack)
Hurricane floor stands: £219.99
Hurricane shelf stands: £49.99
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