Roaming (a bit) more free


Good news for those who like to browse the Internet while grazing on a sandwich. BT is cutting down the price of its Openzone Wi-Fi service, so you can do all your work from a hotspot café.

The company is scrapping its four different subscription packages in favour of just one standard tariff. Customers will now pay a £25 (ex VAT) monthly subscription fee (for a minimum of 12 months) in return for 4000 minutes of wireless broadband.

What this means is that users will get 3 hours a day, five days a week, making it a pretty competitive deal compared to the other service providers. Despite this, it’s still far from cheap – especially when there still appears to be no roaming agreements on the cards with the other service providers. You’d still have to be a pretty committed “Road Warrior” to want to pay a monthly fee.

But for those less dedicated to a life on the road, BT is offering a number of “Openzone Per Minute” services (previously known as Pay-as-you-go) :

30 Day Voucher for £40. This gives you 4000 minutes without having to subscribe to the monthly service.

1 Day Voucher for £10

1 Hour Voucher for £6. This is the same as before, and so continues to be stupidly expensive.

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