One month standby phone from Philips

Mobile phones

Philips has taken an Okey-cokey attitude to the mobile phone market, in that it has been in, out and shaken it all about more times than anyone could care to remember.

There are signs that it is taking it seriously though with its latest release the 650. The small business-like clamshell boasts battery life of an astonishing one month – way more than most of its rivals. Talk time at 8.5 hours is pretty good too.

Another neat feature is a TV link accessory which enables viewer to see images stored on the phone on their TV set. This would be much more useful though if the phone had an integrated snapper – instead there’s a camera accessory that can be attached to it.

We also like the phone’s OLED front display and its perky, bit relatively sensible styling.

It is available across Europe, though knowing Philips not necessarily the UK, in September.

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