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As we have been predicting for some time, T-Mobile has joined Orange and O2 in offering music downloads direct to mobile phones. Its Music Jukebox service went live this week offering users 500 truncated tracks (they are about two minutes long) to choose from.

T-Mobile’s player is integrated into a range of phones and the company has promised to have 250,000 full length tracks available with a large number of Muisic Jukebox equipped handsets for Christmas.

Bizarrely T-Mobile’s subscribers in the UK pay £1.50 per two minute track, a third more than subscribers in the network’s home German market who will pay 1.50 Euros and much more than PC-based download services.

O2 has responded by announcing that its first handset to access its digital music service will reach the stores in August. Its Digital Music Player software has been incorporated into the tiny Siemens smartphone the SX1.

O2 is way ahead of its rivals in terms of tracks with up to 100,000 ready for download.

There’s more on this story here from The Guardian.

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