Never leave home again


Modern technology has made it possible for you to go days without ever seeing another person. The existence of things like personal video and music players means you don’t even have to share your movie watching with anyone, while texts and emails mean you can go weeks without ever having to actually speak.

And now you don’t even need to see other people if you fancy playing some arcade games. The Classic Arcade Machine from Boys Stuff means that never again will you need to set foot in a loud and noisy Amusement Arcade full of people who are too obviously having fun and interacting, like in the olden days.

It’s got 118 games on it and all the old favourites are there: Space Invaders, Pacman, Defender, Bomber Man, Super Mario Bros, Wrecking Crew and Donkey Kong 1 – 3. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to gain the respect of your peers when you gain a new high score if you’re all alone, but it’s a small price to pay for isolation.

Yours from BoysStuff for a mere £1,499

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