iPod mini arrives in UK at last

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Good news for music fans. Apple has finally confirmed that the iPod mini will go global – that obviously includes the UK – on July 24th.

And the confirmed price is £179, not the widely predicted £200.

The cheaper price reflects the fact that Apple knows it is now in for a fight in the hard disk market with Sony and Philips both set to deliver innovative new players that have superior facilities to the iPod in the coming months.

In case you have been on another planet recently, here’s a quickie guide to the iPod mini

* It has a 4 Gig hard disk which holds up to 1,000 songs
* It is available in five colours: silver, gold, pink, blue and green. Don’t buy the silver one though as it common
* All iPod minis include headphones, power adaptor, a 1.2m, 30-pin to FireWire cable, a 1.2m 30-pin to USB 2.0 cable and a CD with iTunes 4.6 for Mac and Windows computers
* It is compatible with Apple’s iTunes music store download service
* PC owners need either a USB 2.0 or a FireWire connection to plug it in

Get your Apple iPod mini 4GB for just £174.99

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