DAB developments


If you’ve been waiting to buy a digital radio until the products available are either more sophisticated or more mobile, you won’t have to wait much longer. DAB (digital audio broadcasting) has just taken a huge leap forward with the launch of Radioscape’s RS300L – a tri-band DAB receiver module that will let you
have three separate streams of data pouring into a single chipset.

That means you’ll be able to record to your Memory Stick, MMC or SD card on one channel while you listen on another (as with a VCR) and perhaps have news scrolling across the screen on a third. You can pause and rewind live broadcasts and flick around the – one-touch, colour – EPG (electronic programme guide). Products featuring the new module are expected to hit the shops by Christmas 2004. Too, over the next year or so Radioscape’s RS350A will provide similar functionality for your car DAB radio.

Liz Bailey

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