3 to offer video downloads

Mobile phones

T-Mobile, Orange and O2 all already offer music download services via mobile phones, but 3 has gone a step further today by announcing that it is to start a mobile video jukebox. In what could be the future for downloads services, 3 customers will be able stream the latest music videos straight to their video phones.

This is the first time a service like this has been available in the UK, which goes live on 2nd August. As well as the music videos, users will also be able to watch the latest video releases via “Today on 3” – the live mobile news and entertainment channel that launched back in March.

3 has paired up with record label, BMG to provide the service, so users will no doubt be subjected to a torrent of lite pop courtesy of the likes of Dido, Britney, Justin Timberlake and Will Young. Music videos will cost £1.50, either as QuickPlay live streaming, or as a download. There’s also the option of paying £10 a month for unlimited services.

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