2Mbps 3G broadband to go card from Orange

Mobile phones

One quick postscript to this morning’s Orange 3G launch. Apparently Orange’s 3G card for laptop PCs is the first of a series.

Later in the year it is promising a joint 3G and Wi-Fi card made, we are guessing here, by either Nokia or Motorola.

The really exciting news though is that coming next year is a 3G card with download speeds of 2 Mbps. Yes you read that right. The card will work at four times faster than the average British broadband connection. It apparently uses the HSDPA version of UMTS (3G) technology.

The company seemed at a loss to imagine what mobile workers will do with all that extra speed though, citing only that it would be very useful business travelers downloading huge files.

Here’s hoping that it offers faster upload speeds (as opposed to the impressive 384kbps downloads) than the PC card it launched today, which runs at a pathetic 64kbps

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