Sweet dreams are made of this

Wireless home

Neighbours keeping you up at night with incessant music? Too stressed to nod off? Matsushita, the company behind the Panasonic brand in the UK, reckons it has the answer to a perfect night’s sleep.

The Suimin (sleep) room is a sound insulated capsule which combines a reclining bed with massage, soft lighting, soothing music and a plasma display – all controlled by a computerised wall-mounted panel. Importantly, it’s also small enough to install in the home!

Due to go on sale this week at Matsushita’s sleep showroom in Tokyo, the Suimin will cost a cool £18,000 – that’s a lot of sleeping pills. A spokesman for Matsushita told The Guardian that no one who had tested the system so far had been able to stay awake!

For more information go to The Guardian website.

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