Review: Samsung Yepp YP-55

MP3 players

While this might not be the smallest MP3 player in the world (that accolade goes to the BenQ Joybee 102, apparently) there’s no doubting the Samsung YP-55 is tiny. Smaller than most cigarette lighters and small enough to sit on – though thankfully it’s quite a robust little fella. Its only initial drawback is that it could benefit from a clip so you can attach it to any item of clothing while you’re running.

We tested the £99 128Mb unit down the gym and were impressed by the sound quality. Even at fairly low volumes you can drown out the sound of irritating MTV presenters on the gym’s TV screens. Toggling between tracks is relatively simple using the top of the player which forms a sort of forward and rewind button and the player is also compatible with both MP3 and WMA formats (it can also record MP3 tracks directly from an external source, though we haven’t used that function yet).

Our only real gripe is that some of its functions are extremely difficult to use. The FM Radio is virtually impossible to access (the badly written instruction manual throws little light). And we wouldn’t recommend trying to view the LED display (which shows album and track information) when you’re on the treadmill – unless you want to take out the person behind you doing warm up exercises!

Small may be beautiful but not if it means you can’t access half the functions.

SCORE: 3/5

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