Loewe's sexy hard drive tellies


Unveiled at the CEDIA show in Birmingham were several new LCD tellies from German company Loewe that certainly looked quite interesting. The new Spheros tellies are available with 80Gb hard drives which the company claims is enough to provide up to 100 hours of recording at the lowest quality mode (or 28 hours at DVD quality).

Available in black and silver (or basalt and platinum to use Loewe lingo), the neatly designed Spheros sets come in different screen sizes including 32inch and 37inch widescreen versions (there’s also a 20inch but this doesn’t incorporate a hard drive). One particularly cool feature is the motorised stand which enables you to swing the TV from side to side – a guaranteed way to annoy your viewing partner. Prices range from £4950 to £5950.

Even more interesting is Loewe’s partnership with Gira (www.gira.de) for various home automation solutions. On display at the CEDIA show was a video phone entry system that automatically records whoever is at the door onto Loewe’s hard drive. When you come back from work you can then see on the TV who has come to the door and when – handy if you want to give your tardy postman a ticking off!

For more information go to Loewe’s website

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