Digital TV ready PVR

Personal video players

The trouble with some personal video players (upcoming Sony and Samsung/Creative Labs models spring to mind) is that video can only be transferred to their hard disk via a PC.

Not so the PVR from newbies to the Brit consumer electronics arena Fusion. It can apparently hook up to a Fusion digital TV decoder or hard disk based recorder to record live footage or transfer recorded video.

The device, which is compatible with both MPEG 2 and MPEG4 (as well as MP3 and WM9 for audio) sports a 3.5inch backlit LCD screen and features a 20Gb hard disk which Fusion claims can store up to 40 hours of video. The product is expected to retail for £299 when it is launched here in September

Other products that were launched at the MediaCast show in London included a portable audio player capable of storing more than 5,000 songs on its 20Gb hard drive and a new Freeview digital terrestrial receiver (the FRT100). Costing just £79.99, it has a ‘rewind live TV’ feature which will allow viewers to repeat the last 30 seconds of any programme they are watching.

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