Blackberry's Euro rival targets consumers

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While we love the idea of the Blackberry and especially its push e-mail systems which makes collecting messages on your phone the same as picking up your text messages, we certainly wouldn’t give it its rather nasty looking devices home space.

We are mightily cheered to discover this week that Blackberry’s big European rival in the push e-nail field, Smartner is rolling out a version of its Duality e-mail system for Euro consumers.

Starting in August for just 4 Euros a month you can have e-mail pushed to your message inbox on any Symbian or Windows Mobile smartphone.

The system is also going to be incorporated into future versions of Sony Ericsson’s P900 smartphone and Smartner is also angling for deals with European networks.

Cleverly all the actions of the Duality are duplicated on the user’s main desktop PC, so, for example, if a user chooses to delete a message on their handset it is also deleted on their computer.

Versions of the Duality Always-on system are already available to business individuals and companies.

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