Aria's PC-based DAB radio


It may not look as sexy as the Psion Wavefinder but this latest PC-based DAB radio from Aria Digital, the A-6000, has several interesting features.

Not only is it powered by the USB port on your desktop or laptop, it can also be used with control software (available free from DAB Bar), enabling you to record radio programmes on your PC up to seven days in advance via the Electronic Programme Guide (EPG).

In addition it will also work with DAB’s ‘Digizone’ data services including news data from ITV News and animated games from The Cartoon Network. Another neat feature is that it features Band III and L-Band cabability so it can receive DAB radio from other countries (Canada and Germany both use a different standard to the UK).

Called the Aria Digital A-6000, it features both SPDIF digital audio outputs as well as standard stereo outputs. It offers full support for MP2, MP3 and WAV ease recording and comes packaged with antenna and graphical user interface.

The Aria Digital A-6000 is available now, priced £99. For more info go to Aria Digital’s website.

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