30 hour music player

MP3 players

As iPod owners know all too well, use your music player for eight hours, less if you have a dodgy battery, and the screen goes blank and the earphones quiet.

So we are quite impressed by the upcoming £299 iAudio M3l hard disk music player from Korean maker Cowon.

It smashes all existing battery life records by notching up an amazing 30 hours between recharges.

It plays back both MP3 and Windows Media Audio (WMA) files, features an FM radio tuner and offers direct MP3 recording from a CD player/hi-fi. Like its predecessor the Cowon iAudio M3 it is also the slimmest and lightest hard disk jukebox around due to the most of its key controls and its LED screen built into the remote control rather than on the player itself.

Also set for a July debut is a 40GB version of the iAudio M3. No details on price yet.

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