Sony's pet party


Sony’s robot dog AIBO notches up his 5th birthday in May so to celebrate the company has decided to take him out for walkies. Apparently the world’s cleverest canine (unless you know of a real-life hound with integrated Wi-Fi) will be taking to European streets throughout May and June culminating in a big event at the SonyStyle store in Berlin on May 15th.

Visitors to Sony stores in the UK and to its website will also have a chance to win their very own AIBO

Sony is claiming to have sold over 130,000 AIBOs worldwide.

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One thought on “Sony's pet party

  • great dog the best
    i cant stop talking about it at the momet if i dont win im trying to make some monny to and im only 10 but its just so cool i want it and i dont care wat it takes im just going to work and try and win thx for giving me a chance to win

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