Sony's lightest ever laptop


Here’s the laptop us mobile warriors (well we make the occassional trip to Starbies) have been waiting for. We loved the 10inch Sony Vaio 505 when it debuted at the end of the last decade. We have a feeling we are going to love the Vaio X505 even more.

Billed by Sony as the slimmest and lightest ultra portable notebook PC (it features a 10.4inch XGA screen) the Vaio X505 is just 9.7mm thick and weighs around 850g.

Sony claims it has cut the note book’s bulk by employing a new miniature motherboard that is around the same size as a MiniDisc.

Features include a 1.1 GHz Intel ultra low voltage Pentium M processor, a 20GB hard disk and 512MB Ram.

Also included is 802.11/g wireless connectivity via a PC card, a multi-format flash storage card adapter and a DVD rewriter. It is expected to retail for around £2,200.

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