Sony's 'iPod' goes on sale

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For details on Sony’s NW-HD1 iPod killer click here

So how do you beat the iPod? Well this is how Sony plans to do it.

Due on sale in Japan early next month, with no plans yet for a worldwide launch, is a 20Gigabyte music player the Vaio-Pocket VGF-AP1.

The device is larger and heavier than its Apple rival though it does feature a 2.2inch colour display, which can be used viewing images or showing album art of the music that is playing. The VGF-AP1 also beats the iPod on battery life offering 20 hours to the iPod’s claimed eight. It retails for 53,500 yen.

In typical Sony style it is compatible with MP3, but only after the software has converted the files into Sony’s ATRAC 3 format…

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  • I have no idea but when it does i hope it comes out in the water so i can feel the vibrations tickle me in places that send positive vibes through my freakin golgi apparatus.

  • “Will there be a 40 gig. available???
    When will it be available in the US?

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