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We make no bones about the fact that here at TD we are huge fans of Sharp’s camera phones. In particular we love the Sharp GX30 with its mega pixel camera and MP3 player.

So it’s no surprise that we reckon that the company’s latest phone, the Sharp TM100, is likely to be a huge hit.

This handset is a real break from its previous models. Firstly it is available exclusively from T-Mobile rather than Vodafone and O2, which have taken the company’s previous mobis.

Secondly it is not a clamshell phone like the GX30, rather it is like the offspring of the Sony Ercisson T610 and the Siemens SL55. With its piano black finish it certainly looks like the SE model, the key difference being the pull down Siemens SL55-style pull down number pad.

The phone’s key feature is its large 240 x 320 pixel screen with 256K colours – the current standard is 64K. It is quite possibly the best screen we have seen so far on a camera phone.

Other features include a VGA still and video camera, 40 polyphonic ringtones, Java, infrared and POP3 email. Sadly there’s no MP3 player or storage card slot (it has 2.5MB of memory built in)

We’ll have a full review on the model next week. It is on sale now as it available for free on some tarrifs.

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  • Personally bluetooth is overrated…only good for Handsfree although wired ones probably have better sound and good for techies who use it dial in to the net from their laptop….i weighed up the options and figured I dont use bluetooth even tho my previous phone had it….think its a great phone and a breath of fresh air away from the updated clones being brought out by nokia and samsung…just a shame it doesnt have the GX30 camera on it….

    I NADAB BARAK,the sales manager of TROPICAL ROBERS NIGERIA LIMITED and the purchasing department of TROPICAL ROBERS NIGERIA LIMITED hereby place demand for the purchase of the following NOKIA SHARPS TM100,5 pieces the above goods are meant for another supply and which we have to meet up with the demands deadline given to us unfalingly before the 15 JUNE 2004 we will like your company to please give us a breakdown sum up of all this quotation and we will like to pay through WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER.your customer
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  • Got this one for 3 days now. Display is just brilliant! Never saw anything comparable on any other mobile phone.

    Menu handling is logical and context dependend making usage a real joy. It’s fast and very concise. Comparing it with a recent Nokia (with it’s owner) made the Nokia menu look like crap. No bitching about Nokia, I like them; it was the Nokia owner’s feeling … had to jump 5 Menus down for doing something he could do with 2 Clicks on the TM100.

    No bluetooth may be a downer, it’s not for me ’cause it’s got IrDA (for data) and I dislike bluetooth headsets anyway. 🙂 I don’t need mobile net for my notebook either – and even then I *could* do it. Bluejacking is for kiddies and a waste of space.
    As for the toy phone: there are NO games on it.

    I’m very happy with this one because it’s no clamshell but a slider (which is for sure a question of flavor), got good menu, great display, big feature list. For the “toy”: camera is good, not _great_ like the GX30 one, but sufficient and it easily beats the rest of the mobile phone cams. It’s CCD 640×480, not CMOS 352×288.

    Casing makes a massive look, more like Siemens. No squeeking and groaning when typing like most Nokias. It’s okay although I’m more aware not to drop it than with previous phones. Don’t know why 🙂


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