Proper broadband for £15 per month


Good news. The cost of broadband internet connections for the UK is set to become even lower, with price cuts at both ends of the market. PlusNet has set a new price low for 512kbps series, with the launch of its broadband Home Lite for £14.99 per month. The only downside is that its has celing of 1Gig of data per month. After that users have to pay extra.

At the top end, Bulldog Communications is offering its 4Mbps service for £39.99 per month. It sounds fantastic value (Telewest’s rival 3Mbps service costs £10 more) until you read the small print. Apparently the 4Mbps service is only available during evenings and weekends. During the day it reverts to the comparitively snail-like speed of 512kbps. It is also only available in London.

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