Hemingway's Bug


Pure Digital has teamed up with Red or Dead design guru Wayne Hemingway to produce perhaps the oddest looking digital radio so far.

Available in white or graphite-metallic, the Bug (www.thebug.com) is, however, more than just a design statement. Its spec is also quite impressive with MP3 playback and ReVu – a feature that lets users pause, rewind and record live radio. It’s even possible to record an entire track from the radio, even if you’re half way through listening to it.

Personally we’re not sure about the design – it looks a bit gimmicky, like a decapitated Sony AiBo to us – but maybe it will grow on us.

Here are the full features:

Key features
DAB digital radio for more stations and digital-quality interference-free sound
ReVu™ – Pause, rewind and record live radio
Playback MP3 files (SD Card required)
Record to SD Card or to an external MiniDisc player
Alarm, sleep and timer record functions
Display shows scrolling artist, song title, news, sports results and more
Flexible display neck

For more information go to Pure Digital’s website

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