Americans get TV wristwatch


Good news for our American and Canadian readers. Dynamism, a great company that makes a living exporting cool stuff from Japan has got its mitts on a load of NHJ’s VTV-101 TV wristwatches.

It is NTSC only so it won’t work in Europe. If you fancy it though the watch has a 1.5inch TFT screen for displaying the images and you hear the soundtrack via its accompanying headset.

Battery life is a bit of an issue though. It runs for one hour off the watch’s internal battery, and a further three is you can bothered to lump around its external battery.

It is yours for the not-too pricey $240.

Quite why no one has launched a simialr watch in the UK, especially with Euro 2004 now just weeks away, is dissappointing. We suspect it is because there is no PAL TV tuner anywhere near the size of the NTSC one in the watch.

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