Vodafone 3G card won't work with Macs

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Bad news for Europe’s Apple Mac laptop-owners. It appears that the Vodafone 3G card, which enables its owners to surf the web wirelessly at speeds of up to 384kbps, is not Mac compatible.

We have yet to receive official confirmation from Vodafone, but the system requirements section on the card’s brochure/web pages only mentions Windows software.

This will mean iBook and Powerbook owners will have to find those elusive Wi-Fi hot spots should they want fast internet access on the go.

You can read The Guardian’s review of the Vodafone 3G card here.

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  • im really confused…all this dumb mobile & internet talk. i have a mac os x (10.3) and a vodafone singlepoint contract on a nokia 7250i mobile. I want fast internet that i can use through my mobile wherever i go. what do i need? Can someone please email me

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