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The UK’s newest pay TV platform, Top Up TV launched March 31st providing some Freeview (digital terrestrial) homes with access to ten more channels which were previously only available on Sky and cable.

E4, Discovery, UK Gold, Discovery Home & Leisure, UK Style, Turner Classic Movies, UK Food, Bloomberg, Cartoon Network and Boomerang are included in the Top Up TV package which offers a no-ties, month-to-month subscription of just £7.99, plus a one-off connection fee (currently £10).

Top Up TV offers a low priced and flexible pay-TV package. However you will need an old ONdigital or ITVDigital set-top box to be able to receive the channels – at least until the broadcsater offers a conditional access module or a new box with built-in decoder.

Led by two former Sky TV execs, David Chance and Ian West, Top Up TV has set a modest business plan breakeven of only 250,000 subscribers over the next few years.

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  • CAnt understand all the fuss its only 7.99 a month and u are not tied down to a contract, maybe if u researched it before you bought it u wuld have know about the shared channel. dont complain for your own ignorance

  • Absolute ripoff. You get TCM only in the evenings, Discovery H&L only in the mornings, UKStyle only in the evenings, etc etc.

    If you call and complain they say it’s the reason it’s so much cheaper than Sky. BS! Sky offer twenty times the number of FULLTIME channels at less than three times the price!

    I’m no fan of Murdoch, but Top Up TV is a poor quality service that offers no value for money. Avoid like the plague and save your money for their successor (at this rate they’ll be out of business by Xmas).

  • i got top up tv for my little girl to watch the cartoon network and boomerang and was not happy to see that it finished at 5 & 6 oclock as this was not made clear to me when i sigened up please tell me why this is ???

  • i love top up tv as mush as i love sex in the shower they both are great try them

  • i love top up tv as mush as i love sex in the shower they both are great try them

  • Your web sites do not seem to be operating. I can get very little up to date information relating to this service.

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