Panny's tiny mobi

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One of last year’s surprise hit phones, especially with young women apparently, was the ultra-tiny Panasonic G50 distributed in the UK via Virgin Mobile.

Now Panny has updated the handset, kept its compact size and added a few extra features to deliver the G51M.

It is not only one of the smallest and lightest phones available (it weighs just 74 grams and has dimensions of 80x43x90mm), the G51M is a tri-band handset finished in brushed metallic silver. The phone also boasts a 4K-colour display (which looks a little dull now we are get8ign used to 56 and 265K displays), a pair of built-in games and a selection of polyphonic ringtones.

Other features include T9 text input, vibration alert and a melody ringtone composer. Battery life is rated at 2.5 to 6 hours talktime and around 200 hour standby. It is available now.

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